Business and Commercial

Starting a Business:
When starting a business in New York, you will need to decide what the best legal structure is for that business. Whether it’s an LLC, corporation, d/b/a or partnership, our attorneys can assist you from start to finish. We can set up your corporation, including issuing any stock certificates, corporate kit and paperwork. If there are more than one participants in the business, we will draft the appropriate partnership, shareholder or member agreement to suit your needs. Our attorneys can assist you with the drafting of customer contracts, non-disclosure agreements, and business to business contracts to protect your business from its inception.

Existing Businesses:

Contract Disputes:
Once up and running, businesses sometimes encounter contract disputes with vendors, or other businesses or individuals. Our firm can assist you with any contract disputes that you may have with individuals or other companies alike. Our principal Lisa S. Fine, Esq. is an experienced contract attorney and acting Arbitrator on commercial contract disputes for the American Arbitration Association. Ms. Fine understands first hand the nuances of contract law in New York, and can assist you in negotiations to resolve contract disputes, and if necessary, litigate your matter in a New York Court.

Collections can be a frustrating aspect of running a business. Whether it’s medical professionals and doctors who are seeking payments from defaulting patients or general business collections, contact us to do the collections work for you. We have available in-house collections agency and attorneys ready to litigate on your behalf. Let our firm worry about the monies due to your business, leaving you time to actually run your business. We can also advise on language to include in your client contracts to assist you in collecting costs and attorneys fees in the event that collection becomes necessary.